Why Is an Exam Part of the Process for Immigrants?

There are many different procedures someone coming to the USA from another country has to complete in order for them to apply to live here on a permanent basis. This is the legitimate way to be approved to stay and to eventually be able to apply for citizenship if you so desire. The medical examination for immigration is a requirement you can’t get around.

It is essential to verify you don’t have certain types of health concerns that could be spread to other people. The goal is to keep such illnesses from spreading around the USA to healthy people due to such exposure. If you are found to have such an illness, you may be quarantined for a period of time while it is treated.

The medical examination for immigration will only be signed and sent by the doctor once all is cleared. It is important to share your medical history as completely as you can. This will help you to get through the assessment with the best possible outcome. If you have a need for ongoing health care or medications, they can help you to get that set up.

Finding a Provider

You can’t go to any doctor you wish in order to obtain your medical examination for immigration documentation. They have to be approved to offer such services. This verifies they have been through certain training and they have the right credentials to know the criteria to look for. You should be able to identify those providers though through online searches.

You may obtain a list of them through your immigration services location too. They often strive to offer all the information they can share about such resources. They will give you the address and phone number of those in the area offering medical examination for immigration services. You can contact anyone you want on that list in order to get your appointment scheduled.


It can be several weeks before they can get you on the list for an appointment. Don’t be discouraged by this, it takes time for medical examination for immigration information to be completed. The volume of people seeking such services from a limited number of providers means you typically can’t get in right away.

Take the first appointment they have available and ask them to put you on a list for any cancelations. If you have a flexible schedule and someone else can’t make it, they may call you to come in and take that appointment slot. This is a simple way to possibly get moved up the list and to reduce the time it takes for your medical examination for immigration to be completed.

At the time that you schedule the appointment, ask about the cost too. You will need to have the money to pay for it when you show up. Otherwise, you may be asked to reschedule the appointment and they won’t see you that day. If you don’t have funds to pay for the services, ask about other options at the time you set up the appointment.

They may know of some resources you can consider that you haven’t thought about. It certainly doesn’t hurt to ask. Plan for the exam to take about an hour to complete. There are plenty of questions the doctor will need to ask you and document the answers to. This is in addition to them actually conducting the exam.

You will be asked to give a blood sample and permission for a TB test to be conducted. The paperwork for the exam can’t be sent in until those lab results come back. It shouldn’t take more than a few business days to get them.

What’s The Deal With No Exam Life Insurance?

Every potential insurance customer will, at some point, be faced with a very important decision: should they buy regular life insurance or a no exam insurance policy? It’s crucial you get your facts straight and make an informed decision when opting for an insurance package. Why? Because they come at different prices and their features can vary greatly. It’s up to you to gather information and understand your needs. An insurance agent will definitely help at some point, but knowing your insurance ABC may prove to be quite useful in a lot of situations.

Life insurance is a good financial safety tool. It’s meant to protect against loss of any kind and to provide for your loved ones in case you become unable to do so. Insurance comes in two standard forms:

  1. Whole life insurance, which offers permanent and unlimited protection
  2. Term life insurance, which protects the insured for a certain amount of time (usually up to 30 years)

Skipping the medical examination is a feature only available for term insurance. The exam is of utter importance in most cases. It gives the provider the necessary information about your medical condition and health history. Afterwards, your rated will be calculated based on the results and on various other factors, such as age and tobacco usage.

Without a medical exam, the provider will undertake high amounts of risk. In order to protect himself against potential financial loss (some no exam policies can rise up to 300.000$), the premiums will be significantly higher than those of standard policies. It’s a safety measure for the insurance company.

Given the higher price, it’s very important you decide if you actually NEED no exam life insurance. Are you a hypochondriac who’s afraid of getting a medical check-up? Make sure it’s worth it, as this trifle (if you excuse my saying so) may cost you thousands of dollars. No exam life insurance is generally a good option if you:

  1. Need insurance fast. And by fast, I mean a couple of days or so. Standard insurance may take up to six weeks to be issued, while no exam policies require no longer than a few days. Make sure you don’t have to wait for a couple of years before the protection kicks in, though.
  2. Can’t find coverage elsewhere. If you have a preexisting medical condition, chances are you won’t be granted standard insurance. A no exam policy can be your safety net in such a case.

Before making any decision, make sure you book an appointment with a licensed, experienced insurance agent and have him explain to you all the obscure points you encountered.