Cyber School Pro – Wear What You Want

One of my top hang-ups is having to make yourself look pretty in the morning.

“Oh Kelly, you silly goose! That doesn’t seem too hard!”

You’re right disembodied voice, it doesn’t seem too hard, but anybody who has gone to school or an early job will probably agree that getting ready in the morning can feel like moving a mountain!

“You’re just over reacting!”

Am I? Am I…?


In public school there is a lot of separation and cliques. Maybe not as much as in High School Musical or any other dramatic movies about high school, but the problem definitely exists. A lot of times the clothes you wear, and how well you keep up with yourself contribute a lot to which group you fit into.

If you tend to dress up a lot and always look your best, then you will most likely be included or at least treated well by the more popular group. Whereas if you wear a t-shirt and jeans everyday with a hoodie normally somewhere around you or on you, you may get put into one of the lower tiers of the popularity food chain.

I was in the later. Not that I minded it or anything like that, but it’s always tough when people judge you even if you are very strong or know you are doing the right thing.

I did have reasons though for not always dressing to impress and I believe a lot of people I know would agree with me on some of them.

First off I went to school to learn, not to socialize. This is a big reason that I came to cyber school. I want to get my work done early so that I have time to socialize with different friends of mine, but if work is looming over my head it becomes very hard for me to focus or find a desire to stay, and talk to somebody.

Second I’d rather have sleep than the most beautiful hair each morning. Think about it, you need sleep to get through your day and be alert, while you need nice hair to attract boys and get compliments. What is more important? I’ll give you a hint: You need it for survival.

Thirdly it’s a long day, and I want to stay comfortable. Beauty hurts, and it’s true! A lot of times my decision would come down to do I want to wear my nice comfy sweatshirt and jeans or that shirt that is really tight and uncomfortable that will make me look nice. Yeah, about that…

Fourthly I want friends that like me for me, not just how good I look. Sure it’s a cliché type of thing, but it is important to find those long lasting relationships with people who can look past superficial things.

Remember I’m not advocating that we all just bum around each day in easy, comfy clothes and bad hair. It’s important to put in some effort because it is still very good to take care of yourself, and make yourself presentable, you just don’t need to go overboard on it.

Now that I’ve gotten way off topic, let’s bring it back to the main topic here. In cyber school you have the freedom to not have to get dressed nicely with makeup and nice hair at 6am. I usually stay in my pajamas until about 10:30 when my mom and I exercise, then I get ready for my day without having a bus to catch or while I am extremely exhausted.

It really helps with stress if you seem to always dread a new day. I would say cyber school is a wonderful decision if you have similar feelings about making yourself look pretty early each morning.