Why Should I Take a Defensive Driving Course?

We’ve all heard the horror stories of drivers that get careless then drink and drive, only to find themselves being followed by the men in blue. Not only is this embarrassing, but it can tarnish your driving record and cause your insurance rates to skyrocket. Remedies include community service, hefty fines, and simply waiting for the points to fall off over several years. But the best solution for removing unwanted points on your driving record, is to enroll in a good defensive driving course.

Taking a driving course is not only great for satisfying court requirements due to a serious violation such as a DUI; it is also a great way to cut points from your driving record for other blunders such as speeding, running red lights and other driving errors. However, enrolling in an accredited driving course is not just for people with blemished driving records. Taking a defensive driving course can be beneficial to people with good driving records as well.

Taking a defensive driving course, even if you have a perfect driving record, is a great idea for several reasons. First, car insurance is expensive. There are some tricks to saving money on vehicle insurance such as maintaining higher deductibles, maintaining a safe driving record, and having a garage-kept vehicle, but in most states people who take a defensive driving course will receive a certificate that can lower their insurance premium from between $25 to $50. And who couldn’t use the extra money, especially in today’s economy?

Another great reason for any driver to take a driving course is the driving skills you will gain that will make you a better driver. Let’s face it; most of us are older drivers that haven’t seen the safety rules since we were 16. Whether you take a defensive driving course in person or take a defensive driving course online, you will benefit with eye-opening instruction and tips on how to become a better driver.

So the next time you ask yourself, “Why should I take a driving course?” remember the top three reasons:

  1. I will reduce those pesky points on my driving record.
  2. I will save money on my vehicle insurance.
  3. I will become a better driver.

And remember this final tip. If you have teenagers who are driving in your household, you will save big by enrolling them in a defensive drive course too. Make it a family affair for improving driving skills, saving money, and reducing the risk of your son or daughter having an accident.