College Scholarships For Students Pursuing Business Degrees

If you are looking for a Business Administration degree and want to get a college scholarship for it, you do not have far to look. There are many colleges that offer such scholarships and some of these are for many tens of thousands of dollars each. Here is some information about how to find the Business Administration college scholarship you need.

You can get money for college at either the undergraduate degree level or the graduate level at many colleges and universities for a degree in Business Administration. This enables you to have a wider range of schools to choose from, and possibly pick the scholarships that offer you the largest amount of financial aid.

Corporations Offer Business Administration Scholarships, Too

As you start to look for the particular college that you want to go to for your BA, you do not want to forget about the major corporations that offer college scholarships, too. This could make it even better for your career, because it may even mean a job or career with that company once you graduate.

In order to find out about these scholarships, you would need to check directly with the college Web site. This will show you what corporations will give a business administration scholarship and what may be involved. Generally, a corporate scholarship also means some advertising work, too for that company. An example of corporate scholarships would be the Ford Motor Company, and the Volkswagen of America Corporation.

Even when a corporate college scholarship is available, you may note that it is not always the same in every place it may be offered. Slight changes may apply at different campuses.

All Colleges Are Not Equal

When you look for a place to get your BA degree, you need to be rather open-minded about it – especially if you are looking for a scholarship. Colleges offer differing sizes of programs and may not be able to offer full scholarships, or large college scholarships, to those going to that school. For instance, while college A may only have $150,000 in scholarship money to offer for a particular degree, college B may have $1,000,000 in college scholarship money that it awards annually for the same degree. Unless you have some unique feature about you, such as being able to apply for a minority scholarship, your chances of winning a larger scholarship would be with college B.

Besides this, you also want to make sure that the scholarship will apply to your particular minor, too. Some scholarships are limited to specific minors within the BA field and may not be eligible for either Management or Marketing, if it is designed for the Finance major. This requires that you pay close attention to the details of the college scholarship.

Various Associations Offer Scholarships

When you have a particular career field in mind, you always want to look at a number of professional associations and see what they offer. There are multiple associations for just about every career field imaginable. Each one may have slightly different requirements and also different objectives for the candidates.

An example of an association that provides scholarships would be the Commercial Real Estate for Women Network. It awards scholarships for women who show a strong aptitude for real estate – especially commercial estate.

Consider Overseas Studies for Greater Exposure and Value

Another option for a scholarship in Business Administration is to study overseas. Many universities and corporations work with people who want to get their education elsewhere. This can certainly work to your advantage in a global marketplace where outsourcing occurs as a part of daily business and leaders are needed who can understand the problems that may be associated with it. Receiving your training in a particular country may even enable you to later work there – especially if you learn the language, too.

Remember to Look for Scholarships for Online Colleges, Too

A modern trend is to take some courses, or maybe even a full college education, through online courses. It is possible to get scholarships for some of these, too, just be sure to apply early.

The goal of college scholarships is to award those who demonstrate academic excellence, and excellence in other ways, as well. Recently, however, some money is being awarded to those with slightly lower averages – possibly even a 2.75. Remember that the only way you can qualify is to apply – and to apply at a lot of them.